About The Villa Serena

We are located in the hills of La Tuna Canyon a few miles west of the 210 frwy. Just 20 minutes from Downtown, Pasadena and the West Valley.

When you enter our home, you won't believe your eyes when suddenly your're transported into what appears to be a fully functioning production studio. The Villa Serena is ever transforming from our custom built home into a diverse filming location. When you visit for the first time you will be surprised at each turn. Going one way is a very complete Restaurant & Bar, and turn the other way to an amazing Interrogation Room. Around the corner are Living Rooms and a Bullpen office. Go up the staircase and suddenly you are in a Hospital Lobby. Down the hospital corridor is an Exam Room and a Recovery Room. Through the doors you find the perfect small Courtroom. Turn the corner and you will be in an Executive Office. Keep exploring to find a loft One Bedroom Apartment with it's own full kitchen and so many more shoot options. Then out the front door you find an 8 Unit Motel / Apartment!

Also now we have the Jet Stages and a Space Shuttle.  

Everywhere you turn, you will find attention to detail that you usually can't find elsewhere.

We love what we do here, and do our best to make your production experience the very best it can be.

Steve and Gordana
The Villa Serena  

The Villa Serena LLC. 8455 La Tuna Canyon Rd, Sun Valley CA 91532 (818) 641-7001