Bathroom Sets for Filming

Bathroom Sets for Filming

Villa Serena Film Production Bathroom Sets

Villa Serena offers a selection of bathroom sets for film productions, each designed for practicality and diverse aesthetic appeal:

  • Large Master Bathroom: Includes a jacuzzi tub, ideal for scenes requiring a touch of luxury.
  • Restaurant Ladies' Restroom: Features two working sinks and a toilet, with the option to use as a set or crew facility. Equipped with dimmable 2700K wall accent lighting and 5000K LED recessed ceiling lights.
  • Small Bathroom: Compact space measuring 7'-11" by 8'-2", providing the essentials: bathtub, toilet, and sink.
  • Colorful Bathroom: Stands out with hand-painted tiles, adding vibrancy and character to any scene.

All sets come with fully functional plumbing fixtures. For larger crews (around 20 people), it's advised to consider external facilities like honey wagons to ensure comfort and efficiency. Each set's specific dimensions and lighting configurations are tailored to meet various filming needs.

Large Bathroom

Large master bathroom with walk in shower
Large master bathroom with jacuzzi tub
Large master bathroom with jacuzzi tub
Master bathroom floorplan.

Restaurant Restroom

The side entrance to the bar restaurant standing set has the ladies room, a payphone and a grandfather clock. Here you can also see the hanging glass racks above the bar top.
The ladies room has two working sinks and a working toilet. Use as a set or for a crew toilet. We generally suggest bring in honey wagons when you cast and crew approaches 20 or so.
This bathroom is 10 ft 1 inch by 8ft 3 inches

Small Bathroom

This bathroom is 7'-11" by 8'-2"

Colorful Bathroom