Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Booking and General Information

  • Booking and Rates: "How do I book a filming location at The Villa Serena, and what are the rates?"
    1. Upon your booking request, we'll send you an invoice and our location agreement. If preferred, we can also use your location agreement.
    2. The full invoice amount is due upon receipt, unless pre-arranged differently. Our BLANK LOCATION AGREEMENT is available for review.
    3. You'll need to provide a Certificate of Insurance (COI) for one million dollars liability to cover The Villa Serena LLC. Assistance to obtain this can be provided if necessary.
    4. A film permit from FILM LA is required.
    5. To confirm availability and secure your dates, please call or text Steve at (818) 641-7001.
    6. Rate information is available on our RATES PAGE. Currently, there is a 12 hour minimum of $4200 plus the site rep day of $425.
    7. Payment can be made via company check, ACH, or credit card (a 4% handling fee applies to credit card payments). Our invoice includes a pay online link for your convenience.

  • Location Scout: "Can I visit The Villa Serena for a location scout before booking?"

    Call or text Steve at (818) 641-7001 to schedule a stage tour. We do our best to fit you in between productions and sometimes we can tour during productions' lunch. Stage tours and Tech Scouts are free for up to an hour. Additional time is $200/hr

  • Insurance Requirements: "What kind of insurance is required at The Villa Serena?"

    You'll need to provide a Certificate of Insurance (COI) for one million dollars liability to cover The Villa Serena LLC. 8455 La Tuna Canyon Rd. Sun Valley Ca 91352 Assistance to obtain this can be provided if necessary.

  • Multiple day Bookings: "Does The Villa Serena offer discounts or special arrangements for multiple day bookings or recurring productions?"

    Our rates are for daily bookings and we do not have any discounts for multiple day bookings or recurring productions.

  • Booking Advance: "How far in advance do I need to book a filming location at The Villa Serena?"

    It's best to get your dates confirmed as soon as possible. We work well with soft holds and do our best to keep you informed as other productions start circling your dates. If you are flexible and only need one or two days, we can often fit you in with a week's notice. But it never hurts to call last minute if you end up losing your other location.

  • Cancellation Policy: "What is the cancellation policy for bookings at The Villa Serena?"

    We try to be flexible when it comes to cancellations. The official cancellation policy is "In the event that the Producer cancels the studio rental within seven (7) days of any shoot day, the Producer’s security deposit shall be forfeited as a cancellation fee. All other prepaid location fees will be returned within five (5) days of cancellation notice. In the event that the Producer cancels the studio rental within twenty-four (24) hours of any shoot day, the minimum day fee of $4200 shall be forfeited as a cancellation fee. All other prepaid location fees will be returned within five (5) days of cancellation notice."

  • Student Discounts: "Does The Villa Serena have a discounted rate for film students?"

    At this time we do not have a Student rate. That said, if you have a flexible shoot schedule, with a little as 3 days notice, we can sometimes accommodate a student project at a reasonable rate to be determined by crew size, length of day and number so sets to be utilized.

Filming Details

  • Filming Locations: "What types of filming locations are available at The Villa Serena?"

    We have so many different standing sets and so many exteriors here, we can only suggest that you start on our HOME PAGE. There you will find thumbnails that will lead you to the many types of locations we have.

  • Social Media Shoots: "Can I book The Villa Serena for a social media shoot?"

    For shoots that have a headcount of 10 or less, we will do our best to find a slot for you to shoot here at the rate of $350/hr without the need for the 12 hour minimum.

  • Production Restrictions: "Are there any restrictions on the type of production that can shoot at The Villa Serena?"

    We can not accommodate adult shoots, commonly known as porn.

  • Sound Restrictions: "Are there any sound restrictions or recommended sound recording practices at The Villa Serena?"

    We are located in a residential neighborhood and ask that after 10p.m., you refrain from unnecessary noise such are end of shoot applause and cheers.

  • Overnight Shoots: "Can The Villa Serena accommodate overnight shoots?"

    Yes, we can accommodate overnight shoots. There are noise restricitons as we have residential neighbors. Additionally, plan on an additional $200/hr after 10pm as the late night surcharge.

Amenities and Services

  • Power Supply: "What are the power supply options available for productions at The Villa Serena?"

    We have only 20 amp residential power outlets and we do not have any camlock connections. They are located just about everywhere on-site, including parking lots areas. There are many dedicated 20 amp circuits that we will show your Gaffer how to identify.

  • Wi-Fi Availability: "Is there Wi-Fi available on site for production use?"

    Yes there is Wi-Fi available almost everywhere on the property included in the booking.

  • Catering Services: "Does The Villa Serena provide any in-house catering or do I need to arrange my own?"

    We do not offer any in-house catering.

  • Equipment Rental: "Does The Villa Serena offer on-site equipment rental, or do productions need to bring all their own gear?"

    We don't offer production rentals such as pop-ups, tables and chair, lighting or audio gear, walkies or makeup mirrors.

Props and Set Modifications

  • Props Inclusion: "Are props and set decorations included with the rental of a standing set?"

    All props that you find on-site are included with the rental. We ask that any large props that you move, such as tables and couches, be reset to their original position. As for the smaller knick-knacks, wall art, etc., we only ask that you leave the sets dressed for the next show or scout and not leave piles of props anywhere. We do not have a prop warehouse.

  • Set Modifications: "Is it possible to modify the existing sets, and are there any limitations?"

    We generally allow painting the walls and if it looks okay, we often won't require you to restore it to the original color. Of course, that would require that you do a reasonable paint job. Please ask before nailing into the walls or ceiling. That too we usually allow, and don't require you to repair the holes.

    Should you require assistance with set modifications or restoration, our standard labor rate is billed at $75 per hour.

  • Prop Usage: "Can we utilize the props on site and those we see in the website pictures?"

    We cannot guarantee that all props on the website are still available. Sometimes props migrate away with productions without our knowledge. Yet generally, everything that you see pictured on the website is available and included in your rental. If you see a prop on the website that is essential to your production, please contact us to verify that it is still available.

Logistics and Operations

  • Parking Availability: "Is parking available for production vehicles and crew cars?"

    There is plenty of on-site secure parking for approximately 60 cars and a few trucks.

  • Filming Permit: "Does the City of Los Angeles require a filming permit at The Villa Serena?"

    A film permit from FILM LA is required.

  • Production Trash: "How do we handle the production trash?"

    Production trash may be deposited in the 4 yard dumpster that is located next to the entrance gate.

  • Night Shoots: "What do we need to know when scheduling a night shoot?"

    When planning for night shoots, please be aware of our noise restrictions due to nearby residential areas. To respect our neighbors, we enforce these restrictions especially after 10pm. Additionally, a late night surcharge of $200 per hour is applicable for shoots extending past 10pm. This allows us to accommodate your production needs while ensuring we maintain a good relationship with our community.

  • Overnight Walkaways: "How do we handle overnight walkaways?"

    If you are returning the next day, you can leave everything you want, anywhere you want on the property. There will always be a site rep on-site 24/7 and the entry gates are locked when you leave. We do suggest that you take any high-value items such as camera's home at night. In 20 years we've never an intruder or theft, so overnight security is generally not needed unless your insurance requires it. Overnight security will have access to a bathroom.

  • Parking Info: "What do I need to know about parking at The Villa Serena?"

    The parking lot is private and there is no other traffic on-site other than your vehicles. You may park anywhere and any way that you choose.

Special Production Needs

  • Pets and Working Animals: "Can The Villa Serena accommodate productions involving animals?"

    No pets are allowed on the property without prior written approval from The Villa Serena. Working animals should only be on site by permit requirements from FilmLA. Licensed Service Dogs are always welcome. PLEASE NOTE THAT WE HAVE VERY FRIENDLY LARGE DOGS ON SITE THAT ARE GENERALLY IN THEIR SEPARATE LOCKED YARD. IT IS POSSIBLE THAT THE DOGS MIGHT WALK THE FACILITY DURING YOUR SHOOT. IF ANYONE FROM YOUR PRODUCTION HAS A FEAR OF DOGS, PLEASE NOTIFY THE SITE REP.

  • Minor Children: "Can The Villa Serena accommodate productions involving child actors?"

    To ensure their safety and compliance with regulations, all minors must be accompanied and supervised by a guardian at all times on site. Additionally, a Studio Teacher is required for any child working as an actor, ensuring a supportive and secure environment for young talents during production.

  • Accessibility at The Villa Serena: "Given The Villa Serena is a private residence, how does it accommodate crew members with disabilities?"

    As a private residence, The Villa Serena is not subject to commercial building accessibility standards. However, we are committed to inclusivity and will work with production teams to address specific accessibility needs to the best of our ability. Please contact us to discuss any particular requirements your production may have.

  • Special Effects and Stunts: "Can The Villa Serena accommodate special effects or stunts during filming?"

    Generally yes, we can accommodate special effects or stunts. Please reach out to us if you have something special.

  • Health and Safety Measures: "What health and safety measures are in place at The Villa Serena?"

    At The Villa Serena, we are committed to maintaining a safe and healthy environment for all guests and crew. Our bathrooms and common areas are cleaned daily or more frequently as needed. For productions, we encourage a proactive approach to health and safety, including responsibility for implementing measures to protect against general population health concerns or pandemics. We welcome discussions on how we can collaborate to meet your production's specific health and safety needs.

Additional Information

  • Security and Privacy: "How does The Villa Serena handle security and privacy for high-profile productions?"

    Please feel free to reach out to us if you have a particular need for security or privacy while you are here at The Villa Serena.

  • Floor Plan: "Does The Villa Serena have a floor plan available for download?"

    Yes, you can download the pdf of the FLOORPLAN PDF from the website. There are room dimensions on the plan. there is also a VR WALK-ABOUT covering all the exteriors, including driveways and parking lots.

Couldn't find an answer for your question? Please call or text Steve at (818) 641-7001