Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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At this time we do not offer a discounted rate for student films.

Yes, permits from FilmLA are required. The City zoning for our location is not considered a motion picture studio zone.

Please provide a minimum of $1,000,000 Certificate of Insurance (COI) listing:
Steve Wagner
8455 La Tuna Canyon Rd,
Sun Valley CA 91352

All on site props are available for your production use. The medical props may or may not beep, but most power on and blink or beep.

Production may use our on-site trash bins for trash from lunch and small items. Please NO PROP, LUMBER OR LAYOUT BOARD. If you need trash service for props, lumber or layout board, we can provide a 3 yard bin for $200.

A "Night Shoot" is defined as the hours between 10pm and 2am. Your film permit must show that your production has received appropriate approvals for a night shoot.

There are no additional fees for over night walk-aways. We are behind locked gates and over night security is usually not needed. There will always be a 24/7 on-site rep during your shoot.

The parking lot is open appox. 1 hour before your call time. There are no safe places for early arrivals to wait outside the gates, so your crew is welcome to park on-site early. The house bathrooms are available as needed for early arrivals without starting the billing clock.

There is parking for 60 cars and a few trucks on our private property.

You may park trucks and vehicles anywhere on the property as needed. You may also leave trucks and vehicles on site overnight as needed during multi-day shoots.There is no additional charge for overnight vehicles when you are shooting the next day.

STAGE TOURS -You must have an appointment to visit. To schedule a stage tour, please call or text Steve at 818-641-7001. Now with COVID protocols, we can no longer arrange tours while another production is on site. We will do our best to find an open slot for you to visit.

TECH SCOUTS - Once we have signed location agreement and have received your deposit AND WE HAVE AN OPEN STAGE, we allow up to 2 hours for your on-location walk-through with your production's department heads for the final preparations. Additional time on site for your scout is $200/hr.

We are quite flexible when allowing modifications to the stages. Please feel free to discuss any modifications that you may need and the possibilies for leaving your changes as-is upon wrap.

Couldn't find an answer for your question? Please call or text Steve at (818) 641-7001