Hospital Film Set

Hospital Film Set

Designed for authenticity and ease of production in the heart of Los Angeles, our well-appointed set includes:

  • Nurse's Station: Centrally located and versatile, ready for a variety of scenes.
  • Recovery Room: Equipped with patient beds and essential medical furnishings.
  • Exam Room: A detailed setup for clinical scenes, including an exam table and medical props.
  • Lobby and Hallway: Offering additional space for dynamic filming opportunities.

Each area is thoughtfully dressed and ready for shooting, complemented by:

    Extensive Prop Collection: Access to a wide range of medical equipment and supplies at no extra charge, from patient beds and chairs to medical tools, enhancing the realism of your hospital setting.

The Villa Serena provides a fully realized hospital environment for film and TV productions, complete with the necessary amenities to support a seamless shooting experience.

Hospital Virtual Tour

Nurses Station & Hallway

Hospital Reception and Waiting Area at The Villa Serena
This set is a hospital nurses station, but easily coverts to a waiting room. The nurses station reception desk on wheels for easy placement or removal as needed.
Hospital Waiting Room View at The Villa Serena
Hospital set waiting room for filming
Hospital Reception to Hallway View at The Villa Serena
Hospital reception area with waiting room for filming
Hospital Recovery Room Hallway at The Villa Serena
Hospital corridor connecting the exam room with the patient recovery room. The ceiling lighting fixtures are LED edge lit panels at 5000K and fully dimmable.

Recovery Room

First View of Hospital Recovery Room at The Villa Serena
Hospital recovery room with 2 Hill-Rom Advance Series Hospital Beds with over-bed tables and matching bedside tables included.
Hospital Recovery Room Overview at The Villa Serena
Our hospital recovery room with 2 patient beds. over bed rolling tables, bedside drawers and various props
Second View of Hospital Recovery Room at The Villa Serena
Patient recovery area leading to the corridor. There's plenty of room for production.
Single Hospital Bed Set at The Villa Serena

Exam Room

Filming location hospital or doctors exam room standing set at The Villa Serena filming location. All props viewed here are included on this standing set.
Our hospital exam room with exam table, x-ray viewer, hospital props and hanging skeleton. We have misc hospital costumes such as patient gowns, doctors white jackets, stethoscopes and so much more.
The doctor's exam room has an outside window to bring in daylight as needed.

Hospital Props

(partial list)

hospital stretcher
hospital doctors scale
Hospital medical stool at The Villa Serena
hospital medical stool
hospital medical rolling tray
hospital doctors supplies
hospital doctors supplies
Surgical tools
Hospital Set Floorplan