Family Court Set

Family Court Set

Discover the versatility of The Villa Serena's Family Court Set in Los Angeles, a meticulously designed standing set tailored for courtroom dramas and more. This set features:

  • Versatile Use: Crafted to host scenes from family court to municipal court, including minor crimes, civil cases, and search warrant requests.
  • Pre-lit Convenience: Mostly pre-lit, the set offers ease of production, streamlining the filming process.
  • Transformable Space: The courtroom furniture is easily removable, allowing the space to transform into a Small Chapel or Conference Room, adapting to a variety of narrative needs.
  • Virtual Tour: Dive deeper into the set's potential with our virtual tour, available below. It's an opportunity to preview the features and layout, aiding in your project's planning stages.

Embrace the narrative possibilities that our Family Court Set provides for your film or television project. Reach out to secure this adaptable and convenient location for your next shoot.

Courtroom Virtual Tour


Courtroom overview from back of the room
Close up view of the Judges Bench
View from the judges bench
Alternate view from the judges bench which includes the courtroom entry door
Courtroom witness stand
Camera view from the witness stand with attorneys tables and courtroom gallery seating.
Door to judges chambers leads only to a short hall from which a judge can enter the court
Alternate set up putting in a Jury Box and mostly losing the gallery seating. Juror seats need to be rented
Courtoom set with Judges bench removed. Here it was set up as a Federal Auction
Courtoom set set up to be a funeral home. Funeral props did not belong to our location
Courtroom Floorplan