Space Shuttle Set

Space Shuttle Set

Discover the unparalleled Space Shuttle film set at The Villa Serena, nestled in the heart of the Los Angeles area. Ideal for filmmakers, TV production teams, and music video directors seeking an futuristic space-themed backdrop, our set features:

  • Advanced Technology: Outfitted with cutting-edge LED instrument panels, customizable ambient lighting, and monitors displaying dynamic graphics for a truly immersive space experience.
  • Authentic and Versatile Design: Crafted to emulate a Sci-Fi space shuttle's interior, offering versatile settings for a wide array of space-themed narratives.
  • Ample Space for Creativity: With an 11'x11' interior and a 5' height clearance, it accommodates diverse filming requirements, supported by our onsite amenities and technical assistance for a seamless production experience.

Step into the cosmos with The Villa Serena's Space Shuttle film set, where your vision for a galactic adventure becomes a reality. Explore more or contact us to book your next interstellar journey.

Space Shuttle Standing Set