Subway Train Car

Subway Train Car

This set is a restored New York City R-30 subway train car, which was originally built by the St. Louis Car Co in 1961. The last of the R-30 subway cars were retired from passenger service in 1993, so our set offers a unique and authentic look at a bygone era of transportation.

The car is 45 feet in length, giving you plenty of space to film your scenes. Plus, the ceiling lights feature color selectable LED tubes, allowing you to create the perfect lighting for your shots.

Our new subway train car can be rented hourly allowing filmmakers can bring the energy and excitement of the city to their productions in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner.

The Villa Serena introduced this Subway Train Car as a standing set in January 2023. If you're looking to film a bustling subway ride or a quiet character moment on the train, our set offers endless possibilities for filmmakers to create dynamic and compelling content.

Contact us today to learn more about our Subway Train Car standing set and to book your shoot at The Villa Serena.

NYC Subway Train Car

Not our exact car, but close enought to show the possibilities.
Not our exact train, but close enough to show the possibilities


Rental Term Flat Rate Overtime
2 hours $1500 $750/hr
4 hours $2200 $550/hr
6 hours $2700 $450/hr
8 hours $3400 $425/hr
12 hours $4800 $400/hr
Main Studio Daily Add-On Rate
Villa Serena Add-On $1500 Flat Rate
  • Daily facilities charge applies to bookings over 25 cast & crew.
  • Additional $425 daily site rep fee
  • Prep or Strike day $1000.
  • See full rate sheet


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