Jets and Spacecraft for Filming

Jets and Spacecraft for Filming

The most affordable and authentic jet aircraft standing sets in the Los Angeles area. We are proud to offer three fully-equipped sets to meet your filming needs.

Our private executive jet has a fully-operating hydraulic boarding stair and extended nose landing gear, making it perfect for on-the-tarmac scenes. And our 737 full fuselage standing set comes complete with coach and business class sections, a lighted cockpit, two entrance doors, and lavatories.

In addition to our jets, we also have a Space Shuttlecraft standing set with two pilot seats and six engineering stations, featuring monitors with preloaded active graphic for an extra level of authenticity.

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Mid-size executive jet

Gulfstream G3 interior facing aft (towards the back)
Our mid-sized executive jet is not simply a mock-up, it is a real fuselage with original lights, seats, galley, on-board toilet and cockpit. Overhead PUS's (personal service units) have working reading lights and lighted call buttons.
Working hydraulic boarding door can open and close as needed for your action shot.
Close up angle of the boarding stairs in the open position. Door is remote controlled to open and close.
Our two hour minimum is great for social media photo shoots.<
Our two hour minimum is great for social media photo shoots.<
Music video night shoot. Shooting at night is great for showing the flashing lights and seeing the passengers on-board from the exterior.
Jet airplane for filming located in the lower parking lot
Private executive jet interior layout. Individual seats are movable for layout changes. Sofa's are mostly stationary.

Boeing 737 Cabin & Cockpit

Our Boeing 737 fuselage is complete with Business Class and Coach Seating and has a Cockpit. There's 2 lavatories and a galley and all fully pre-lit, has heating and cooling air conditioning. The fuselage sections came from flying airplanes and were assembled into just about the best jet standing set anywhere.
external view of the 737 fuselage
737 Fuselage complete with Cockpit, First Class and Coach Seating. Interior also has a Galley and 2 Lavatories.
business class section of the 737 film set
737 First Class or Business Class seating. Usually configured with 3 rows of seating with a total of 10 seats. We have 2 more seats available to install as needed.
Daylight view of the cockpit
Daylight view of the cockpit.
view of the pre-lit cockpit at night
Our 737 standing set has the cockpit of a 727, which is much larger than the original 737 cockpit. Cockpit instruments are mostly lit and have many switches that turn on and off lights.
737 coach class seating
737 coach class seating. There are 8 rows with a total of 46 coach seats.
full length view of the jet isle looking from the rear section through the coach and first class sections and can see the cockpit too
Looking forward from the rear of the plane. You can see down the isle the coach and first class sections and then on to the cockpit.
Rear lavatory doors
Rear lavatory doors
Three views of the rear lavatory
Three views of the rear lavatory.
aft lavatory sink
This is the aft lavatory sink. There is running water available in this sink if needed.
Demo life jacket
Demo life jacket prop on set for your use.
Jet service cart
Jet service cart on set for your use.

Space Shuttle Standing set

This authentic looking set has been outfitted with new LED instrument panels and color selectable ambiant lights, as well as 12 monitors that are pre-loaded with animated graphics, giving you the tools you need to create an immersive and high-quality filming experience.
The interior space of the set measures approximately 11'x11' and has a height clearance of around 5', making it suitable for a range of projects. If you are interested in using this unique and versatile film set, we are here to accommodate your needs and make sure your shoot is a success.
wide view of port side interior
Port side has 3 engineering stations
engineering station on our space shuttle
Close up of one of the engineering stations on the port side
Close up of one of the engineering stations on the port side
green screen
Green screen out front with room for camera crew
This set was featured in "Solaris" a 2002 movie staring George Clooney
This set was featured in "Solaris" a 2002 movie staring George Clooney

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